vázquezdeparga, architects is an architecture firm dedicated to the design, development and construction management of public buildings and urban spaces, being highly specialized in hospital architecture.

Our philosophy is to approach projects with the understanding that the built environment is a determining factor in the quality of people’s lives, and therefore, their health and wellbeing. In the field of health, spatial and environmental factors are even more important, as the latest studies in neurosciences show that the design of architectural spaces heavily influence people’s emotional state and behavior, and therefore, can become a valuable tool that can help patient’s recovery.

Due to technological efficiency and programmatic functionality that are the basis of our design, we add environmental contextualization and search for equilibrating spaces. We create buildings according to the physical and climatic characteristics of the environment in which they are located, we incorporate bioclimatic criteria to make energy more profitable and achieve greater sustainability and comfort, while we attentively pay attention to space condition so that the result is a friendlier and more human space. We strive for all of these architectural endeavors with the sole intention of innovation and architectural quality.

Our main asset is our team; a multidisciplinary team specialized and committed to excellence, made up of architects, engineers, environmental specialists, lawyers, and doctors.