Walkway Renovation at Martianez Tunnel

Intervention includes the complete renovation of the pedestrian section of the road giving access to the Martianez area, by means the only access to the urban coast of Puerto de la Cruz. Its importance lies in being the first image that tourists receive when visiting Puerto de la Cruz. Therefore, and bearing in mind that this is the most important tourist enclave of the north region of the island of Tenerife, it is essential to provide the area of the poise and decorum appropriate to its use and character.

Moreover, this road had serious deficiencies that led to its underuse, such as lack of lighting and architectural barriers, besides the excessive number of ramps and level changes that were experienced when transited.

Material used for paving is red porphyry, in same layout as used in nearby areas, so to give a unitary character throughout the whole area. Proposal emphasis is on vegetation, which through its rhythm and color buffers the urban chaos of the area, thus contributing to improve the environmental quality of this city entrance. Royal palms trees are used for carrying high alignment at the road access and coconut palms and Kentias are used for gardens and resting areas. To give volume and color highly resistant to salt spray and low maintenance species have been chosen.

Client: Gobierno de Canarias. Consejería de Turismo. (Public Administration)

Location: Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife. Spain

Built Area: 2.777 m²

Project Date: October 2005

End Of Works: November 2007

Budget: 533.048,93 €

Architect: Cristina González Vázquez de Parga

Design Team: Javier Ramos Díaz | Eva Fernández Navarro

Rigger: Ruperto Hernández González

Industrial Engineer: SANLO INGENIEROS

Agronomist Engineer: María Flores González Moro | Enrique Bazo González

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