Renovation of the “Caribe Bajo” esplanade of the Palmetum Botanical Garden

The project stems from the need to modify and renovate the area known as Caribe Bajo, located in the Palmetum botanical garden in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, with the aim of creating a new leisure and visit area open to the public, which is combined with a tear of topsoil, generating a new ecosystem, accompanied by some walks, whose vegetation is always present in the intervention, mixing with its elements and giving the space greater freshness. The project values ​​the large existing esplanade, highlighting its privileged views of the sea, which serve as the planning axis of the intervention. These views are combined with a pergola, intended for multiple activities, including concerts. This pergola is fragmented in two, with a movement at different levels, reducing its scale by being distributed in several sections, increasing the permeability of the view towards the sea, creating in turn openings to the sky, which intercepts areas of vegetation in its layout. Its materiality is a response to the deterioration derived from constant exposure to wind and salinity. The leisure area also consists of a wooded area with a small playground and two modules
which are divided into a kiosk-bar, which has a small merchandising shop, and toilets for events that may take place, as well as supporting the rest of the park.

Client: Parque Marítimo Santa Cruz S.A.

Location: Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tenerife

Project Date: Marzo 2022

Budget: 639.896,31 €

Architect: Vázquez de Parga Arquitectos

Design Team: Ivelisse Amaro Rodríguez | Alba Villacampa Sanz

Rigger: Francisco González Herrera

Industrial Engineer: Juan José Feo Gimeno

Agronomist Engineer: Enrique Bazo González

Topography: Angel Fernández Archilla

Structural Consultant: PROCAI INGENIEROS