Rearrangement of Rafael Puig Avenue

The proposal comes from considering that the urban fringe along the coast is continuous and has the same touristic reality, shared by the municipalities of Arona and Adeje. For this reason the avenue, half belonging to Arona, the other half to Adeje, should receive a uniform and consistent treatment, with continuity of design, of urban furniture and vegetation, so that it may become a strong integrating element for pedestrian connection.

The main pedestrian route occupies a band of a minimum width of 8meters, located on the coast side and without having any traffic interruption. This band connects with the coast through gardened walkways, forming a pedestrian grid of high environmental quality . Car traffic is reduced to one single lane and parking for private vehicles has been eliminated. To ensure full accessibility throughout the street, road and sidewalks were paved at the same level, preventing the entry of vehicles by means of large granite planters that can also be used as benches, giving those elements character and continuity to the promenade.

Since the avenue cross section changes in width along the 3 kms of lenght, the design solution is one that uses figure-background contrast, with bands of gray granite arranged in a herringbone mode, always with the same dimensions, overlapping on top of a background of asphalt wit polished marble aggregates that adapts in width to each to each of the singularities of the street. Vegetation, different in each section of the walk, combines several groves of palm species of great stature, providing shade and color to the promenade.

Client: Excmo. Cabildo Insular de Tenerife (Public Administration)

Location: Arona y Adeje, Tenerife. Spain

Construction Company: VVO Construcciones

Built Area: 47.249 m²

Project Date: May 2002

End Of Works: September 2005

Budget: 6.509.191,34 €

Architect: Cristina González Vázquez de Parga

Design Team: Jorge Mosquera Paniagua

Rigger: Félix Hernández Hernández | María José Díaz Fernández

Agronomist Engineer: María Flores González Moro | Enrique Bazo González

Engineers: Martín Díaz Rodríguez | SANLO INGENIEROS

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