Hospital of Nuestra Señora de los Dolores

The complex is organized in five volumes that hold three long-term care units with 99 beds each, a day-care center with 20 places and all the support areas needed. The buildings shape winds to accommodate the conditions of the site: the highway to the East and a small hill to the West; thus defining a series of landscaped courtyards which are intended to mitigate and control the strong presence of the North wind.

The formal arrangement of the hospital voluntarily avoids orthogonal geometry, considering it to adapt poorly to the plot topography and to generate very static and rigid spaces. The reduced mobility of potential users together with their sensorial and mental disabilities and the fact that their lives will unfold completely within the Center, recommended a building type capable of performing the duties of home, neighborhood and park all together. In consequence, the complex, more than being a building is the sum of several buildings, linked together by means of a glazed curvilinear street overlooking the landscaped courtyards to the north and the gardens to the south.  Curvilinear geometry is used to achieve a friendly and comfortable environment, avoiding corners to facilitate movement of people with limited mobility.

Client: Excmo. Cabildo Insular de Tenerife. Instituto de Atención Social y Socio-sanitaria (Public Administration)

Location: La Laguna, Tenerife. Spain

Construction Company: Mazotti Construcciones, S.A.

Built Area: 7.500 m²

Project Date: June 2001

End Of Works: February 2005

Budget: 7.969.797,33 €

Architect: Cristina González Vázquez de Parga | Federico García Barba

Design Team: Jorge Mosquera Paniagua | Javier Ramos Díaz

Rigger: María José Díaz Fernández | Félix Hernández Hernández

Engineers: Martín Díaz Rodríguez | SANLO INGENIEROS

Awards: 2nd Prize at the Awards for the Promotion of Accessibility of the Canary Islands, 2005 | Mention Award at Manuel de Oraá y Arocha Architectural Awards, 2004-2005

Publications: Catalogue of the Regional Architecture Awards of the Canary Islands, XII Edition ,2006 | Basa Magazine | Contemporary Architecture Guide of Tenerife. 1962-2006 Pags. 242-243