City Center Square

The objectives are the square function as stay space instead of place of passage, integrating square in walk Rafael Puig, so that it is as a continuity of the promenade, which enter it happens easily and without discontinuity, designing the square so that it can be used for events and cultural activities and leisure with a site defined for this use.

Improve environmental quality, making the plaza a pleasant, shaded area, vegetation and freshness, a place that invite to make a stop on the walk and have a good time. Also sort the parking area and soften the hardness of the shopping centre and provide it with greater elegance. It is intended that playground has greater accessibility and role since there are few places in the coastal zone where you can enjoy large swings.

Improve the quality of the materials, placing furniture, luminaries and pavement commensurate with the quality of the tourist city image taking into account the durability and ease of maintenance materials and vegetation.

Client: Excmo. Cabildo Insular de Tenerife. SPET. Turismo de Tenerife (Public Administration)

Location: Arona. Tenerife. Spain

Built Area: 3.870 m²

Project Date: June 2012

Budget: 551.499,19 €

Architect: Cristina González Vázquez de Parga | Miriam Alemán Brito

Design Team: Teresa Torres González

Rigger: Ruperto Hernández González

Industrial Engineer: Tomás Sánchez Peraza

Agronomist Engineer: Enrique Bazo González

Public Space