House in Bandama

The commission was to remodel and enlarge a small cottage, located on the edge of Bandama Natural Park. The plot enjoys spectacular views, and its volcanic soil of black cinder with wild vegetation provides a natural connection with the protected territory in which it is fully integrated.

The intervention takes advantage of the simple and cubic volumes of the existing building to create the new house. The geometry of the two existing cubes is enhanced by varying their heights, textures and colors and a third cube is added. This third cube, clad in basalt on the outside and panelled of beech wood on the inside, is a double-height space that becomes the central social space of the house life. To emphasize connections among the three volumes, three glass skylights are embedded in the cubes introducing the sky view and the light inside the house.

In order to leave most of the natural terrain of the plot untouched, the house meets the ground through a platform that defines an outdoors space for everyday use and that, overlapping the hill, avoids direct views to nearby houses, projecting views to the distant mountains. All rooms are oriented to the protected landscape of Bandama, windows have been relocated for that purpose and a large size window has been added to the new volume.

Last, a large pergola is added to protect the building from excess of sunlight and to create a transitional space between inside and outside.

Client: Fernando Sáenz Marrero | Mª Teresa Álvarez

Location: Bandama, Gran Canaria. Spain

Construction Company: Antonio Galván Sosa

Built Area: 230 m²

Project Date: May 1997

End Of Works: June 1998

Budget: 130.392,57€

Architect: Cristina González Vázquez de Parga | Federico García Barba

Rigger: María José Díaz Fernández | Javier Alonso Castellano

Awards: Selected Work at the Manuel de Oraá y Arocha Architectural Awards, 1998-1999

Publications: Catalogue of the Regional Architectural Award of the Canary Islands, 1999-2000 Pags.52-53