Building 18 houses VPO

In an environment dominated by large blocks of terraced houses based on the repetition of the same module, this little promotion of 18 vpo collective commitment to housing diversity and composition as a mechanism to form city. The program of 18 apartments distributed in 2 blocks of 3 floors each with garage in basement, and is organized around a landscaped communal space that opened directly onto the street it is intended to be extended.
Given the limitations of the V.P.O. regulations, lack of freedom allowed in regard to types, holes and materials, and the tight budget available, the project aims to help improve the urban quality of the area served primarily to three issues: the expressiveness of the facade, the visual attention to the indoor-outdoor relationship and the environmental quality of buildable space plot.

Regarding the visual control, the whole corner advantage of its status by opening the galleries of the ends to the biased views of the sea. Aluminum blinds filter the light and given the proximity of other buildings serve as visual control screens, blocking the view from the outside while allowing view from the inside out.

The surface treatment as a landscaped plaza between blocks has two objectives, one to offer a better environmental quality space that the street to revalue homes leveled against him and another to offer a pleasant space protected from the constant wind that whips the area. Banking slopes vegetation recovers the original topography of the plot, and protects visually houses located on ground floor.


Location: Polígono La Gallega, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Spain

Built Area: 2.491,33 m²

Project Date: May 1998

End Of Works: August 2002

Budget: 350 € / m²

Architect: Cristina González Vázquez de Parga

Rigger: Antonio Hernández Santos | Francisco González Herrera

Engineers: José Godiño Cabrera

Publications: Magazine Basa