Street Improvement Luis Diaz de Losada

In the solution presented in the competition aims to reduce the intensity of vehicular traffic by eliminating the free parking area. It incorporates a two-way bike lane and proposes the use of alternating beds, defining a clear boundary to the car, providing greenery and freshness to the street.

At the meeting in the street with the Coastal Walk, to ensure continuity of pedestrian and allow rotation of tourist buses, it is proposed to juxtapose the roundabout pedestrian space, keeping the same pavement and marked the turning area.

The proposal is structured with vegetation, a row of palm trees bearing on one side of the street and supported by mass and canopy shade trees in groups on the other side. The vegetation is completed with the existing palm trees with sufficient postage. The row of palm trees is proposed Wodeitya Palmera Real or Bifurtata. For the proposed ficus benjamina trees, tulip or tabebuia Gabon and for tapizantesl setcreasa grass and purple, this latest high-strength, low maintenance and lots of color.

We propose a fixed stage in the central space, allowing no extra cost or work, celebration of performances and events, and is complemented by a system that allows easy canes laying and legs spread of canvas, to get a shaded central area where activities when the city you want.

Client: Excmo. Cabildo de Tenerife. (Public Administration)

Location: Arona, Tenerife. Spain

Built Area: 8.855,34 m²

Project Date: September 2010

Architect: Cristina González Vázquez de Parga

Design Team: Miriam Alemán Brito

Rigger: Ruperto Hernández González

Industrial Engineer: SANLO INGENIEROS

Agronomist Engineer: María Flores González Moro | Enrique Bazo González

Public Space