Hospital center of Palma del Río

The building is implanted in the plot and develops horizontally, stepping back from the boundaries to allow the plot to act as a park. The building is organized around landscaped courtyards, which being visually connected with the exterior landscaping, produces the sensation of a continuous park.

The building is solved with resounding volumes whitewashed to South and West, and with large glazing to the North. The main access to the building is marked by the white volume of the second floor, which rising above the park territorially indicates the position of the Hospital. The building gathers the keys of the whitewashed architecture of the region, modifying its scale to adapt it to the endowment use, and joining it with materials of last generation with glass of high performance.

The management of the proposal is based on three principles: correct adaptation to its use, adapting to its physical and cultural environment, and that the environmental quality of the hospital space contributes to the patient’s well-being and favors their improvement. For the convenience of those who will be in the facilities, the routes are short, easily identifiable and always next to gardens, through wide luminous corridors protected from solar radiation.

The building is organized so that any assistance use in ground floor, without depending on vertical communication. The administration is located on the top floor, which also has access to the heliport. The designs of the facilities, together with the architectural solution have the objective of achieving a high energy rating. 

Client: Servicio Andaluz de Salud. Consejería de Salud Junta de Andalucía (Public Administration)

Location: Palma del Río. Córdoba. Spain

Built Area: 8.995 m²

Project Date: December 2010

Budget: 14.096.057,95 €

Architect: Cristina González Vázquez de Parga

Design Team: Miriam Alemán Brito | Araceli Reymundo Izard | Olga Ormaechea Cazalis | Luis Moya Ferrer | Manuel Jorge Negrín Ormaetxea | Teresa Torres González

Rigger: Ruperto Hernández González | Francisco Fernández Osuna | Álvaro Naranjo Domínguez | José María Túnica Buira

Industrial Engineer: Tomás Sánchez Peraza | José Zaldívar Portilla

Agronomist Engineer: Enrique Bazo González | María Flores González Moro

Telecom. Engineer: Sergio Gallardo Darias